Nterprise and Business Development ( refer to the ORDER INSTRUCTIONS*)

You are required to submit a business plan for the proposal you have developed while progressing through the EBD Module Workbook.
The workbook contains a comprehensive plan of the detailed contents which may be included in a business plan, to which you should refer for help in preparing your work. You should limit the maximum investment in the business two hundred and fifty thousand pounds sterling, or its equivalent value in another currency.
No plan will need to cover all the possible contents contained in the workbook, and you will need to select the most relevant and significant material for your specific plan. Typically the most important elements of an effective plan include:
Target Market and Customer Base
Source of Competitive Advantage
Configuration of resources
Market Research/Marketing mix
(include details of each element of Product, Price, Promotion and Distribution Plans)
Business Format and Structure
Management/Personnel qualitlies and experience
Financial Forecasts up to 3 years ahead
(Year 1 should include Monthly forecasts)
(Where relevant include forecars Profit & Loss Accounts, Cash Flows and Balance Dheets which reconcile to each other)

Assessment Criteria
Creativity & Innovation 10% of marks
Ability to develop an integrated proposal which thoroughly examines all aspect of operations and logistics, and the need to comply with relevant laws and regulations
Marketing Issues 20%
Potential Customer group segmentation, targeting, and product/service positioning. Development of the marketing mix.
Financial Issue 20%
Preparation of forecast financial statement, including cashflows, P&L accounts, and Balance Sheets. Use of sensitvity analysis where relevant. Credibility and robustness of sales forecasts.
Strategic Development 10 %
Future development of the enterprise over the next 3-5 years, anticipated avenues and methods of development.
Presentation 20%
Ability to produce a credible and cohesive report sufficient to persuade a potential investor to invest in the proposed venture. Clarity of format and content.