Nterprise in Scottish Primary Education

This is a 7000 word dissertation. The question Ive choosen is To what extent are teachers ready to deliver an enterprise curriculum?”. Its basically looking at the confidence and attitues of teachers towards enterprise in the primary school. Its also looking at what training they have been given at university and through their employer the school. This is to establish whether they have actually had training specific to enterprise to allow they to teach it properly. Whilst on my final 4th year teaching placement I had to carry out a bit of research for this dissertation. I did a questionaaire for the staff, 4 short interviews that followed on from the questionaaires, a concept cartoon with some pupils this was to establised if they had done any enterprise, and I looked around the school whilst there to see evidence of what their philosophy on enterprise was. The school I was had had nothing on the walls or no policies. I had a basic guide in how my University want the dissertation structured which I will upload once I have a writer, as well as some documents such as the questionaaires so you can write up what the results of these where.