Nterprise Resource Planning Integration

There are two tasks. Task 1 is worth 67 marks and Task 2 is worth 33 marks. The combined mark accounts for 80% of the total module credit.

Task 1
Write a management report that answers the questions in the 3 topic areas listed below. Use academic sources to support the observations you make and give examples based on a business process in either an organisation that you are familiar with or a hypothetical organisation within a particular market/product segment. The organisation must, in principle, be one for which ERP is a feasible solution i.e. it is unlikely to be a small organisation.

I. What issues, obstacles and potential solutions arise when integrating ERP solutions with operational business processes?
II. What are the typical problems that companies face when implementing ERP and what are the recommended solutions?
III. What new technologies and concepts are emerging and how do these either solve existing problems or extend the capability or use of ERP solutions?

3,000 words

Task 2
Select a recent journal article that considers ERP integration is some way and critically evaluate it. What facts or ideas is it seeking to present, what is the authoras interpretation of the facts/ideas, in what ways do these ideas extend previous work, and finally what are the limitations of the work.

The article must be accessible via the e-Resources and you must either include it as an appendix or provide an accurate URL or DOI reference for the marker to look-up.

1,000 words

Marking criteria
Marks will be awarded for the following:
a? The breadth of the ERP integration concepts that you include in your answer.
a? Comprehension of the question and keeping the focus of your answer on this.
a? Good writing style: clear use of English, short sentences, paragraphs that discuss a single topic (i.e. they develop the statement made in the first sentence of the paragraph: the topic sentence). Paragraphs of approximately equal length.
a? Presenting your a?argumenta in a logical sequence: the paragraphs tell a story.
a? Showing a balance between the advantages and disadvantages that current tools provide and require.
a? Evidence of a critical evaluation of the technology and its application.
a? The use of the literature to back up your arguments.
a? A good balance between older and more recent literature.
a? Being concise without trivialising your answer.
a? Using diagrams appropriately.
a? Correct labelling of diagrams, figures, references etc.