Ntertainment Law: Intellectual Property Concerns on a film set.

While on a film set, assume the mindset of the Producer. Identify and present a full evaluation of at least two (2) intellectual property concerns that are presented on set. Each evaluation should include:

1. A clear description the identified object that elicits the Intellectual Property concern(s); ex. copyright, trademark, or rights to publicity, etc. and explain how is it a copyright, trademark, etc. concern etc.

2. What type(s) of intellectual property concerns arise or are implicated by the use of the object in the shoot, and why you believe that particular intellectual property is the proper classification;

3. A comprehensive analysis of how the rights are implicated by the shoot;

4. A comprehensive analysis of whether or not a license is necessary.
–If so, identify from whom the rights would need to be obtained and provide supporting documentation or information regarding how you ascertained this.
–For example, if you need a license or copyright for the IP, find the who owns and how to obtain through channels. If you find the official copyright, trademark document provide the link to where it can be found.

–If not, present a full explanation of why a license would not be necessary; for example if your argument is fair use (etc.), then explain how it was fair use and the Fair Use Four Factor Test.

5. A discussion of the possible impacts on the film if the intellectual property is used without proper clearance.

All of your assertions and conclusions must be fully supported with references to the authority upon which you are relying. You may cite class materials, statutes, court cases, and/or any other authoritative source. Do not reply upon non-authoritative sources such as Wikipedia.
-If you use court cases as supportive reference explain how the case relates to your situation. IF you must use a court case, give a very very brief summary of the case but only if you have to. Otherwise, just explain how the case relates to your concerns of IP.

Use the U.S. Copyright and Trademark Offices to help you find the copyright information and documentation.

Assignment Guidelines:
The assignment should follow APA formatting guidelines.
Answer each question as in-depth as possible. Post the question, then answer it.
Paper must be a full five pages approx. 1250 words. The questions provided will NOT count towards the word count.
Paper must be IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
Double spaced;12 point, Times New Roman font; and a separate references page.
Length: under NO circumstances should this assignment be less than two (2) full pages in length. Such brevity is indicative of an assignment that lacks depth. Depending upon the properties identified and your determination regarding licensing, a comprehensive analysis that meets the guidelines of this assignment will most likely result in a paper that is five (5) pages in length.

The intellectual property concerns should be the following:
1. Lipton Green Tea
2. Emachine black keyboard for the computer.

I will upload the picture from the set. The intellectual property concerns will be the two above.

I will upload class notes.

If there is any questions or need more clarification, please contact me.

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