NTH 419 Anthropology of Religion Final Take-home Exam Questions (20%)

I have 2 essays(3pages) each essay to complete. There are 3 questions to choose from but you only need to choose 2. I will upload the Word Document of instructions that the prof gave me.

However, there is a problem: The prof specifically said to ONLY cite from the textbook(Hicks, David (ed.) (2010) Ritual and Belief: Readings in the Anthropology of Religion. Third Edition, Lanham: AltaMira Press.) The book is about 500 pages long. There is no way I am gonna scan the whole thing. I cant find a PDF version of the book either. So if you could find a copy of the book, thats great. If not, then please use Google Scholar as a source only. At least 1 source each essay.

Thank you.