Nthnography Paper on The Quarry and the Lot


Research Paper Assignment for ENG 120
Due November 28th.
Rhetorical Analysis
8 a 10 pages.
Ethnography Paper Guidelines
The ethnography allows you to investigate the subcultures of The Quarry and the Lot and critically assess them from both an etic (outsider) and emic (insider) perspective, by virtue of the narrative and your removal from that culture. In order to do this, you will be relying on your own experiences as well as assessing the experiences of the characters within the subculture and through research relevant to your observations. Ethnography helps us to learn about unfamiliar cultural practices, to actively interpret behaviors and viewpoints, and to deepen our awareness and understanding of culture. Inquiring into the culture of groups is also a good way to develop observation skills, interpretive abilities, and to gain familiarity with a variety of research methods.
Based on our discussions surrounding the text, you will be focusing now on creating a larger investigation of Mark Wallaceas work.
Ethnography is the following:
A· An analytical/objective account
A· About the subject as part of a group or culture
A· Often a description of a conflict of cultures
A· Often an analysis of being different or an outside
A· Usually written to an audience not a part of the group
A· An attempt to understand perspectives
A· An opportunity to explain differences from a particular context
A· Sometimes a traditional essay answering the five Ws
A· Sometimes a typical essay with topic sentences and three to five supporting examples
A· Always an attempt to explain one element of a subculture to others
A· An explanation of how one is Othered”
It should include data you have collected from your observations, research about, and interactions in the novel. I expect you to draw on the characteras personal experiences, history, friendships, emotions and responses to both their participation in the subculture and your research into it. I would like to see evidence of critical thinking about what defines the subculturea whether they be rituals, artifacts or language. The requirements are listed below.
Your final ethnography project should be a minimum of 8 pages but can be as long as you need it to be.
Within the text, I would like to see you using artifacts, and descriptions of ritual and language elements as we discussed in class.
I encourage you to approach this project as creatively or traditionally as you would like, but always critically.
Consider these questions as you write:
What have you learned about the subculture from reading/discussing the novel?
If you could share anything about the subculture to better explain it to someone outside of the subculture, what would it be?
How would you like your paper to look/read?
Based on your research, have you changed your mind about any aspects of the subculture? If so, what and why?
What do you think the value of a project like this is/can be?

suburban culture is isolated and innocent from the reality of the world. Then to add to that, Joseph is the one that made the characters possibly face their weaknesses. So since the suburbs are kind of a retreat from the city the people that live there or at least grew up there dont face the problems that people that live in a city would face.