Nthology project six selections of literature of Self -Discovery

I would like to have mine on Attitudes because i think it is necessary for us to have a self awareness of our own attitude to survive and succeed.


Overview: For the final project in this course, you will put together an anthology of six selections of literature, which are related in some way to the theme of self-discovery. These should be selections that you would recommend for your classmates and for me to read. In addition to the chosen selections, you will include a short biographical note about each author. Finally, you will write a three to four page (double spaced) paper introducing your anthology.


1. APA format should be used for all aspects of the project (for example: internal documentation; running heads; References List.)

2. Margins should be approximately 1a? all around; slightly more or less will be acceptable.

3. Use a standard typeface, such as Ariel or Times, and font size (10 or 12 point).
Organization of the Final Anthology Project

The Final Anthology Project will have three sections (See Details Below this Box)

1. An Introductory Overview

2. A Collection of Six literary selections, each with an Introductory Biographical Sketch of the Author,

3. a a?Referencesa? list (are using a?APAa?)

1. The Introductory Overview

A. no fewer than three full double spaced pages
B. no more than four full double spaced pages.

2. Content:

A. Originality: The Introductory Overview should be entirely original, except for very brief and properly documented quotes to support your observations. (Use APA citation style).

B. The first paragraph (or paragraphs): This part should explain the theme that ties together the literary selections you have chosen. (Perhaps, for example, you chose poems on one certain aspect of self-discovery or on aspects that are closely related, like a?childhood,a? a?parents and children,a? and a?family relationshipsa? or perhaps you chose opposing themes like a?hopea? and a?despaira? or a?wara? and a?peacea?.) You should also indicate why you chose this theme.

C. The main body: This part should comment briefly on each of the literary selections you chose, showing how each relates to your chosen theme. You may need to use brief quotations from the selected works. In that case, please remember to document properly.

D. The conclusion: This part should explain why you think these poems are worthy of your readersa attention. In what ways do these poems relate to your own understanding of the theme of self-discovery? Why do you think they might be of interest to readers who are exploring the theme of self-discovery?

2. Collection of Six Literary Selections
Introductory Biographical Sketches of the Authors
1. The Selections:

A. At least THREE selections must be poems (written for adults)
B. At least TWO selections must be short stories (written for adults)
C. The other selection may be one of the following:
a. a short story written for adults
b. a short story (or short book) written for children
c. a poem written for adults
d. a poem written for children
e. song lyrics
f. a short memoir or other reflective essay
g. excerpt(s) from a published journal or diary

D .The Poems:

a. Each poem must be written by a different poet.
b. Each poem should be no longer than two pages (and shorter poems are preferable)
c. All poems must relate in some way to the theme of self-discovery
d. The full text of the poem or a link to the poem must be included in the final project when you submit it to me.
e. The poems may be single-spaced.

E. The Short Stories

a. Each short story must be written by a different author
b. Copies of stories or links to the stories must be included in the final project.

4. The Introductory Biographical Sketches:

A. Length:
1. Each of the six introductory biographical sketches of the authors should be approximately A? of a single-spaced page.
2. Each biographical sketch must include at least five sentences.

B. Content:
1. To create the biographical sketches, you will be summarizing a
that is, putting into YOUR OWN WORDS -information you have read
about the authors whose work you have chosen.

2. Make these sketches as interesting as possible. Each sketch should tell something
about the authoras style or approach to the self-discovery theme and should NOT be just a list
of honors won or of schools attended.

C. Sources:
1. You must use at least TWO sources for each biographical sketch.

2. If you quote directly a and any such quotes must be BRIEF -you must document
correctly (APA formatting).

3. a?Referencesa? List

1. Format: Consult the Links in Folder 1, a?External Linksa? for information on both internal citations (the documentation that appears within the paper) and for the Referencesa? list.

2. Placement: This list will appear at the end of the Anthology Project and will provide a properly formatted a?Referencesa? List (for using APA).

3. Content:
A. All the sources for the selections themselves (the poems and short stories)
B. All the sources for the biographical material you read
C. All the sources for any other material you quoted in your paper

My Professor approved these sites for our report :

Academic Search Premiere
Literature On-Line (LION)
American Poems
Poetry foundation