Nthropology: Encountering Poverty and Race in America


This paper is for Anthropology 185 (Global Encounters). It should be a college level paper. I am getting a Bachelor s degree at College and I noticed there was a choice between Bachelor s and College level. I am not sure which one to select?

There is only one book that you will need for this paper. It is called  In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio. The author is: Philippe Bourgeois. The book is available in digital form at  print.google.com. It is actually the first hit when you search for the author s name.

The instructions for the paper are included below:

~ The paper must be no shorter than four pages and no longer than five pages double spaced with 12 pt. font and 1 inch margins on all sides.

~ Remember to INCLUDE A SEPERATE title page and a Works Cited page.

~ Remember to number all pages (except the title page).

Topics for Paper #4 on Encountering Poverty and Race in America

Choose the following question for Topic Paper #4:

Question #1:
Drawing on the ethnographic research of Philippe Bourgois, explain why some members of the community where he conducted his research engage in drug dealing. You must include economic factors as well as cultural factors in your explanation. To what extent is their decision to engage in drug dealing driven by a sense of apathy and fatalism as suggested in Oscar Lewis theory of the  culture of poverty ? What lessons can we learn from this ethnography about policy measures that should be taken to address the problems of drug dealing and addiction in our country? [In this paper you must draw from at least four chapters of Bourgois book, drawing out specific ethnographic examples to support your argument.]