Nthropology Field work paper(Topic will upload in the message board)

I am taking an anthropology class that need me to write a field work assignment.
What you have to do is do the field work assignment about the issue of (identify what specific aspect of violence).Your job is to play anthropologist, asking question of informants and taking field notes as you delve into some aspect of American culture as this relates to violent behavior, and then write up a report. I will upload the topic and Guideline when I get through the message board. There are like 12 topics you could choose, but all the topics are about different aspect of violence.
As I mentioned above and so as called field work assignment, you need to do some kind of interview with informants. There are 2 alternative interviews method, one is to do from two or three interview in depth and the other one is to do larger bumber of quick interviews that do not delve so deeply into the subject, but require you to making out a short written questionnaire and passing it around to people. Detail will be upload in the message board in the guideline file.
This paper only required 2.5 to 4 pages for only the report. But I place an order of 6 pages for you to attach along with the interview with the informants; Since I need to hand in both the report and the notes of the interview, and this is the reason that I place an order of 6 pages.
For the interview you could just make it up and typed in the word file along with your essay. The interviews need not to be real. And in your report you need to quote what you heard in the interview. So in this case, you should make up some question and fill in or answer the question where you make up yourself and put into the essay. But make sure you type some of your interview. Since I need to hand that in. In order words, is making up the questions by your own, and answer the question your by your own.
But there are 2 require reading that need to be engaged in responding the paper. The two books is the following , Jame Goodall  Through a window & Napoleon ChagnonThe Yanomamo.