Nthropology , ;Human Origins: Evolution and Diversity

hey i have two papers to do and each one has to be 500 words
here is the instructions you can choose two of 4 topics

Please choose two of the following and write complete essays on each. If you use references, make sure to cite properly; . 1. Compare two different hypotheses that attempt to explain the origins of hominid bipedalism. How secure do you think the evidence is to verify either view? 2. Discuss the evolutionary trends in the genus Homo. Start with the transition from early Homo to Homo erectus and end with the Neanderthals. Be sure to include the temporal and geographic distributions of the various species of Homo as well as any pertinent cultural trends. 3. Compare and contrast the various tool traditions discussed this section. Be sure to include who used them, how long they we in use, and special elements of the tool kit, and their chronology. 4. Choose and describe one specific specimen of hominid that has been discussed in the book or lecture notes (ie. the Taung Child). Make sure to also explain why it is important to the fossil record and why you think it is interesting.