Nthropology: Pacific Island and significant human migration to this group

Choose a Pacific Island or Island group and one instance of significant human migration to this group (e.g. first settlers, Lapita, Polynesian, European, Indian etc). Evaluate the different sorts of evidence for the process of migration at this time in that place. What do these lines of evidence show and what is missing?

Things to show in essay:
a? To understand migration as a process that involves time (and remember that sometimes parts of that process will not be relevant for your place or time a e.g. Indian settlement in Fiji does not involve discovery although it does involve a colonial power).
a? To use anthropological concepts and terms (e.g. ethnography, oral tradition, cultural systems, transported landscapes etc etc) properly.
a? To understand the use of different sorts of evidence a their strengths and weaknesses, how they can be used together. What aspects of this process are not covered by the literature?
a? To evaluate sources of information and use them appropriately (i.e. to be able to distinguish between someone merely quoting someone elseas work and original analysis, for e.g. the difference between Wikipedia and the articles on which a Wikipedia entry in based upon).
a? To construct a logical discussion clearly and in a comprehensible fashion.

Essay Marking Criteria (from most to least important):
a? Understands the question and all its implications.
a? Structures the essay in line with the wording of the question; organises the essay logically.
a? Understands fully and uses properly the important concepts involved in the essay.
a? Uses a wide range of appropriate evidence; substantial knowledge of subject matter.
a? Communicates precisely, with a good grasp of spelling and grammar and a varied and interesting style.
a? Shows original insights.
a? Adopts correct conventions of presentation including Current Anthropology style for referencing and citations.

References should be:
a? Peer reviewed sources;
a? Contain primary data or an analysis of primary data (i.e. not text books, websites etc);
a? Relevant to the essay;
a? Timely (i.e. not out of date for e.g. a book on archaeology of your island written in 1950 before the invention of radiocarbon dating might not be a good idea).