Nthymemes in Obamas 2008 election and the effectiveness on our current Y, technological generation

1. 8-10 pages
2. Double spaced/ 1 inch margins
3. Times New Roman 12 point font
4. 10 academic/professional sources

Suggested Paper Section Format:
1. Introduction
2. Brief review of course element/theory/ concept
3. Brief overview of the current event/ issue
4. In depth argument you are making about the current event/ issue
5. Rebuttal of potential objections to your in depth argument
6. Conclusion

Apply the element of enthymeme to a current event or issue outside of the classroom. Use this element from the course to make a persuasive argument about that current event or issue.

My outside topic is the effect of enthymemes on the current generation where technology, and the idea of wanting everything now helped obamas 2008 campaign as he had success with generation Y or millennials.

Major Premise: Vote for Change.
Minor Premise: Obama is Change.
Conclusion: Vote for Obama.

Younger adults wanted change with bad economy, so voting for Obama was just like downloading a new, better version of life