Nti-copper Therapy among Pregnant WomenA Can Lower the Risk of Wilsonas Disease in Their Children

This is a research paper of Biochemistry of Nutrition. Please follow the guidelines below before you write.
The Topic: Anti-copper Therapy among Pregnant WomenA Can Lower the Risk of Wilsonas Disease in Their Children
This semester in Biochemistry, I will ask you to write a a?research papera? on a metabolic disorder, such as an in born error of metabolism. This is not to be a pathophysiology paper.A  The topic must be precise, narrow and biochemical. A The following guidelines must be adhered to strictly.

The paper must first pose a hypothesis, which you should prove or disprove, as per the literature, and which must appear in the beginning of the paper.A  The hypothesis is supposed to be a statement of position and is not to be in the form of a question about the disorder.A  It must be stated earlier on in the paper.A  It is then addressed in the paper.A  It is perfectly acceptable to dispute your own hypothesis.A  An example of a hypothesis (but not topic see the exclusion list below) would be: a?Dietary Intervention in a New Born Can Protect the Baby From Developing the Neurological Damage Associated with Untreated Phenylketonuria.a?

The discussion in the paper must be primarily at the metabolic/biochemical level, perhaps as a result of mutation.A  Contemplate this carefully before suggesting a topic.A  Clinical/physiological aspects can be included, but the discussion must be biochemical primarily.A Other examples of unacceptable topics would be Celiacas Disease, hypoor hyperthyroidism. These are topics for a pathophysiology class.A  Remember, this is NOT a pthophysiology paper, and the topic must be narrow and specific.
A All paragraphs, table, figures, etc must be referenced.
A You must use some original references, with very few internet (http:). A Cut and paste from the internet will NOT be accepted for any written portion of your paper, except for a diagram that must be referenced.A  You may obtain whole papers from on line sources (like Medline etc), but NO information from Wikipedia (for example) will be acceptable.A  Please, this is a graduate-level research paper, and I donat want a preponderance of references from the internet, unless the internet is used to access Medline, Pub-med, etc.A  Go for original journal articles. Also, tno extbook references of any kind can not be used except for figures or definitions.A  You are very strongly encouraged to use the Bridgeport digital library system, as you are for all references used in home work assignments.

The number of pages is your call.A  Quality comes first over quantity.A  However, I could not see a two page paper as being acceptable, but neither is a 20 page document necessary.
Also, you can use some standard format (like APA style), but that format is your call.

I might eventually ask you to submit the paper through our plagiarism screen.A  I will let you know about that at a later date.A  In the mean time, if you have questions about the topic or procedural format, etc, let me know.A  However, asking for topic ideas is not acceptable, as coming up with the topic is part of the assignment.