Nti-War Movement & Women Liberation Movement

A) Discuss the how the US got involved in Vietnam and WHY young people opposed the War in Vietnam, including how they answered pro-war arguments. Use A Time to Break Silence by MLK”, Also, a?Berkeley in the Sixtiesa? video (available on Youtube). Make this 3 Pages long. Please mention the role of college students and their effort in trying to stop the war. Make this 4 pages long minimum. Please make sure it has a smooth flow.

B) Discuss how the women of the Womenas Liberation Movement (WLM) defined the oppression of women. Donat confuse the WLM with liberal feminism. Cite few things from 1/ Rape: All American Crime by Susan Griffin, 2/ The Myth of Vaginal Orgasm by Anne Keodt. In this part, you may want to mention the societal shift when Women moved into the workforce and such things. Make this go 3 pages long Minimum.