Ntigonefrom the book Making literature matter5th edition

I want my research paper to be as a response to a play of Antigonefrom the book Making literature matter,and I want it to follow the instructions that my professor asks in the following :
Drama Research Response a Final Essay (30% of final grade)
Your response to a play will be similar in format to the previous two responses you have written in this semester. You will need a focused topic regarding either a?Antigonea?,a? The narrower your topic, the better your chances of going into an in depth response. (Choosing a wide or general theme is not a good idea, because it forces you to state the obvious.) Your paper must have a clear thesis stated early, evidence and reasoning to support it throughout the body of the essay, and analysis of the significance of this reading to an understanding of the play. Evidence must include quotes and paraphrasing from the play with page numbers noted in MLA style and supporting evidence through quotes or paraphrases from your five secondary scholarly sources. Include a Works Cited page, listing your primary source, the play, in MLA style and your five secondary sources.
Avoid plot summary. A good analysis concentrates on details: you should quote sections of the play to show how the text supports your thesis. Then you should offer comments and analysis that show how the portion youare interpreting contributes to the work as a whole. As a general rule, a?say more about lessa?: limit your focus to a small enough topic so that you can cover it in detail in this research/response paper you work on your drafts. Following are the major guidelines. Refer to the rubric for a detailed breakdown of how the grading will work.
Major Guidelines:
i?? 2,000 words minimum , double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. (not counting Works Cited page)
i?? Uses five scholarly sources (no Wikipedia or other studentsa postings
i?? Has a strong thesis statement, which clearly shows your claim
i?? Provides evidence for the thesis statement in the body paragraphs
i?? Uses direct quotes from the play(s) to support the main argument (avoid block quotes)
i?? Uses direct quotes and paraphrases from the scholarly sources (avoid long or block quotes)
i?? Uses MLA in-text citations and Works Cited page