Ntoinettes and Berthas identity according to Jeane Rhys or similar topic that cover this idea

Please use following instruction to write this two pages short essay. Thank you.

Book can be used: 1. Wide Sargasso sea-by Jean Rhys (Edited by Judith L. Raiskin
2. JANE EYRE-Charlotte Bronte

Arguably, one of Rhyss most important achievements in Wide Sargasso Sea is her complex portrayal of race relations within the colonial society of the Caribbean, and of Antoinettes/Berthas hybrid, Creole identity. Rhys uses many different writerly techniques to achieve this complexity, including multiple narrators and points of view (the book is told from several different perspectives, including Rochesters), code switching (using standard and non-standard versions of the English language), extensive references to barely understood cultural practices (such as obeah), and the like.
By August 9th, contribute to a Discussion Board conversation on the following topic:How does Rhys portray the complexity of race relations in Antoinettes/Berthas history? To what end does she engage with this aspect of her history as extensively as she does? In what way is Antoinettas/Berthas Creole identity represented, and how is the fact of her Creole origins important, in Rhyss book, to understanding the missingLifeRhys wrote for Bertha?
Some of you will likely touch on this topic in your response to the earlier Reflection. But this topic is meant to be more specific, and more specifically focused on the issue of Antoinettes and Berthas identity. One way to approach might be to look at the various references to mirrors and mirroring in the novel. What does the character see when she sees herself reflected? How does Rochester see her (and fail to see her)?