Ntrepreneur interview & personal reflective log .

Entrepreneur interview & personal reflective log .
Part a)
Students will prepare an interview outline, undertake the interview and write up a summary of an interview with an entrepreneur or small business owner.
Interview outline a your questions and the reasons you asked them. Use some of the concepts discussed to support your rationale. This interview is to explore how entrepreneurs feel about their work and what their influences have been.
Interview summary a a record of your intervieweeas responses.
You may include a very short outline of the individualas business and biography (possibly an appendix)a but you do not need to describe what they do, where they borrowed money and how much.
Before the interview consider how you will capture their responses.
Part b)
A written reflection a which will consider the observed traits and capacities of the interviewee and personal reflection on perceived challenges in undertaking entrepreneurial activity.
Explore the responses from your entrepreneur. Do they demonstrate particular traits/skills/capabilities that we have discussed? Is there any indication that they have learned from different experiences? E.g from failures and rejection or from particular experiences or role models?
Then using your personal traits map consider your own personal challenges in undertaking entrepreneurial activities.
Reflective writing is not descriptive a e.g. It is not a?I did this.... And then I did this...a
It is a discussion about how events/incidents impacted on you and how this reinforced particular behaviours or changed them as a consequence of thinking things over.
Interview Schedule and Rationale a 250 400 words
Interview summary a 1,300 words
Reflective discussion 1000
Total 2,250 words
Use headings to guide your reader
Refer to and examine concepts/theories
Provide a bibliography of your sources.