Ntrepreneur link literature review theories to real life entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship AssignmentLiterature review linkage to real-life of entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur interviewed;
Mr. Benjamin Low from D3sign Pte Ltd
Website: http://
You are required in your discussion to link the theory to the findings of the interview (from the transcript). Your discussion needs to demonstrate clearly where  real life confirms the theory and where it disproves it.
To highlight where linkages are made between reality and theory, it is necessary to quote the relevant citations referred in the literature section. A brief conclusion at the end of the discussion indicating whether or not you consider the person you interviewed to be an entrepreneur and why is also required.
It is expected that you will refer to at least three of the citations mentioned in the literature section. If necessary, you might need to use more references. If this is the case, add an additional reference list to the end of your individual component.

Transcript of the interview will be attached to the writer in the personalised control panel.

* Assignments references must use Harvard referencing.
* Chart and diagrams must always be called Figure.Figures and Tables must have a number, a brief title at the top and source at the bottom. Number all figures and table consecutively.