Ntrepreneur Marketing: Vickers A Case Study Analysis

After reading through the case, analyze in great details each of these options for Vickers:
1. Stay at UBUBU and help lead the redirection effort.
2. Give notice but continue at UBUBU until February 2001, then leave and spend some time in Australia for the wedding. Look for a new job upon her return, perhaps with IMI.
3. Leave UBUBU immediately; begin working with IMI on a trial basis (free). Spend two months in Australia for the wedding and return to IMI in a paid full-time position upon her return.

-> If you were Vickers, What would you do?
-> And which option is most congruent with Sarahas stated objectives after her motheras death.

Remember to use 10 sources for articles/ journals that support your answers. APA style.