Ntrepreneurial and New Venture Strategies

Please have research pager as following instructions:
Typical Outline for research paper (Non-Empirical) Qualitative (conceptual
1. Executive Summary / Abstract (about 100-150 words)
a synopsis of what your article is all about; should not have a page number
2. Introduction usually 1-2 pages
provide a brief background of your research topic and show why it is
3. Purpose of Study usually on paragraph following #2
state the specific objectives(s) of your article, i.e. what it seeks to
4. Body of Paper this is the main part of the paper and should include
numberous sub-headings of what you are writing about.
5. Managerial Implications
what valuable practical lessons can managers draw fron your study
6. Conclusion
provide a shourt summary of your findings and suggestions for future
7. References/Bibliography/Endnotes (no page number for this section)
see guideline for referencing.
8. Appendices (no page number)
this section would contain all figures/tables/graphs, etc. used in your
study; they should not have page numbers; each figure/table should be
numbered sequentially (e.g.Figure 1 and so on) and referred to within
the text.

Average Length of Pager: 15 one half-spaced typewriten pages excluding
executive summary, appendices and references. Recommended font size
is Times Roman 12 pitch.

Evaluation Criteria: (a) Is topic current, interesting, controversial? (b) Are
ideas original? (c) Is contribution significant? (d) Is study an indepth analysis
of a narrow topic or a broad treatment of a subject? (e) Are ideas supported by documentation? (f) Is writing style clear, concise and free of grammatical and typo errors?

In addition, would you please have power point for this research paper.

Thank you very much for your help!