Ntrepreneurial Decisions and Legal Issues in Early Venture Stages: Advice that Shouldnt Be Ignored


Please prepare and turn in these questions prior to class:

How and when do you determine the choice of business entity to be formed when starting a business? Which entities protect against personal liability?
What are the pros and cons to prioritization of planning, administration and the creative aspects of starting a business?
How does cost being used as a primary decision factor affect a new business in the short term and long term? Give examples.
Describe how founders agreements and other contracts protect you as an entrepreneur.
You have recently started a new business and find yourself filling out applications for various suppliers. One supplier requests you to authorize them to check your personal credit score and sign a personal guarantee prior to approving your application. How do you proceed?
As an entrepreneur, how do you determine that your business idea has started and an advisor should be consulted?
Describe how you would put together a consulting team. How does the team approach to utilizing consultants promote sustainability