Ntrepreneurial Finance Assignment: Food for thought from Steven Rogers

Steven Rogers presents a great deal for a prospective entrepreneur to think about in our text. In Chapter 2, he mentions several famous entrepreneurs who started small and a?made it biga?. He provides some rather frightening data relative to entrepreneurial failures but also some data that point to some of the rewards of entrepreneurship. He also uses some data to point out the growing importance of the entrepreneurial sector of our economy. In the beginning of Chapter 5, he points to the importance of the financial side of an entrepreneurial enterprise. To complete this assignment, you need to complete two tasks.
1. Summarize all of the foregoing, providing a?facts and figuresa?. Your answer should be in the form of a narrative, rather than bullet points.
2. Comment on how all of the foregoing information bears upon your own entrepreneurial aspirations. If you have no intentions of becoming an entrepreneur, then indicate how this information would impact your thought process if you were to entertain entrepreneurial thoughts.

Two points: you will need access to the text to complete it. Second, synthesis is key. The first question is largely reporting what you find in the book but the second is clearly looking from evidence of clear reflection on your part, expressed in your own words.

The text: Entrepreneurial Finance: Finance and Business Strategies for the Serious Entrepreneur. 2nd edition. Rogers, S. McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 9780071591263.