Ntrepreneurial Leadership Style: A Comparative Study of Sweden and China

Add max 20 to the existing sources.


I need some assistance in preparing a master thesis.

I have attached what I have written so far with comments on what needs to improve. (I tend to write in comments addressing myself as you, so please do not get shocked).

Below I have added comments on what needs to be improved and changed.

I am actively working on my thesis but need some additional assistance because I work full-time at the same time I am trying to finish it.

I have also included an Excel file with results of the interviews. I have analyzed these but not included in the Word document. It would be interesting to see what you come up with when looking at this.

Also, I have included the questionnaire that I used. 1 equals not true and 7 equals always true.

In addition, I have included some interview reports from which quotes and inspiration can be taken.

Some more literature is always welcome. Especially literature that focuses more on: I need to show specifically how culture and institutional differences result in my research questions. I need to deal with leadership, culture, or institutional factors much and I need to.

Comments on work up to now:

In general, the readings must be more analytical (critizing them) and most importantly compared and contrasted.

In addition, I am not focusing enough on the thesis topic is (focus has to be on: What are the characteristics of effective entrepreneurial leaders and how does this differ in Sweden and China”). It must stay razor focused on thesis topic and guide the reader to show how each thing I discuss contributes to the understanding of the topic. I need to develop some specific research questions (more on this below) and of course the analysis of the interviews and qualitative data must be a significant part of the thesis.
I need to show very clearly how everything I talk about explicitly relates to my thesis topic. Currently, I do not explicitly show these links very much and leave it up to the reader to see how the pieces all fit together. Sometimes just an extra sentence or two here or there can really help a lot to guide the reader. In other places more extensive changes would be beneficial. In some places (noted in text especially at the beginning) I think some condensing is in order. Ideally, I would like to see the literature review much more focused In the ideal world based on the review of the leadership, entrepreneurship, cultural, and institutional literature you would be explicitly linked to each dimension of our model of leadership and indicate that the dimensions of our model are likely to be the most important for and best descriptors of successful entrepreneurial leadership.
Other comments:
Pages 27-37 need to be condensed radically. I am getting a bit off track here.

Pages 40-51 need to be radically condensed. I am getting a bit off track here.
I use many references to several articles. One example is Coates, 2004. I cant really use an article that much. To some degree it reads like I am just putting my notes here in the text or reproducing much of the article. I dont want people to perceive that is what is going on. Use more different sources.
Also, rather than just stating what a source says, please analyze what they said and compare and contrast this to what others have said. This is how you can add values.
Tables can often be a useful way to summarize what authors have said and to facilitate comparing and contrasting. For example, it would be very useful to make a table for Sweden and a table for China regarding characteristics of culture and/or characteristics of leaders an provide citations for who said what.
Page 54-59 could be condensed some more.
I truly hope that you can be of assistance in helping me complete and inspire my work. I have included some additional articles that might be of help.

The bottom line is that the thesis should not exceed 50 pages if possible. Should more be necessary, then lets discuss it.