Choose an Individual whom you consider to be a successful entrepreneur. info for the writer: please choose Warren BUffett or Steve Jobs))

You need to research their biography and justify why you have selected the specific individual as a successful entrepreneur. Please make sure that in selecting the particular entrepreneur there is sufficient data available about their life and achievements and characteristics and a thorough account of their life and personal development.

Investigate the biography (a book, essays, interviews, or news coverage as well as information from the internet. Your research should identify at least the following elements:

a? The entrepreneuras personality (according to the dimensions discussed in class sessions),
defining character traits and possible personality flaws and how these elements contributed to their success as an entrepreneur.

a? One or more situations in which they revealed leadership characteristics (as defined in class sessions) and how such behaviour reinforced their entrepreneurial capabilities.

a? Identify personality traits that are most likely to contribute to entrepreneurial behaviour.

a? Based on information you have researched, explain how their early life experiences contributed to their success.

The Table of Contents should include all the headings with appropriate page numbers, except for the References and Appendices.

The content of the report should be organised under relevant sub headings. The report should include and Executive Summary, as well as a Conclusion section drawing together your key findings. Please ensure that you apply the Harvard method of referencing throughout the report and include all references cited in the Reference section. The purpose of an accurate citation is to allow the reader to access the material upon which the student relied.