Ntrepreneurship and Business Management (I)

Entrepreneurship and Business Management (I)

Module Descriptions
Entrepreneurs and small firms are lifeblood of an economy, and make an increasing contribution to innovation, wealth creation and employment. This module will provide a detail insight into the concepts of entrepreneurship and new venture management, covering a range of areas from the role of the small firm in the economy to a discussion of elements of business plan.

Module Objectives
The module provides an insight into entrepreneurship and small business development. It provides the student with both a theoretical background and practical relevance of entrepreneurship and small business management. More specifically, the course aims to:

” Introduce the concept of the small business by examining how such organisations are defined
” Consider the impact of self-employment, understand the important contribution of small firms to the economy and anticipate trends
” Identify the general patterns of small firms development
” Understand the extensive network of support available to the small firm sector
” Examine the various types of relationship that exists between large and small firms
” Appreciate the different types of entrepreneur that exist and their role in society understand different routes into small firm employment  franchising, buying a business and new venture start-up

Learning Outcome: On completion of this module students should be able to:
 Define a small business, and recognise the strength and weaknesses associated with the management of a small business
 Appreciate the different contributions that the self employed and small firms have made to a variety of economies throughout the world and begin to assess the different economic and demographic changes that will affect the growth of small businesses over the next decade
 Identify the main differences between entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship
 Understand the barriers to intrapreneurship within an organisation
 Understand the benefits of e-commerce to small firms
 Understand the main characteristics that make up the entrepreneur
 Recognise the three main routes to self-employment
 Recognise the unique characteristics of a family business

” Please take note that it is a requirement that you cite the source of any material you use. Material and sources from authors must be acknowledged.
” Harvard standard format of referencing should be followed. You are to follow the Harvard referencing style, which means in-text citations must be made where appropriate and a Reference list provided. Cite all sources used in the assignment using Harvard System and to give credit to the source from which the work is taken from to avoid plagiarism.
” Failure to reference materials will be regarded as plagiarism and could result in theft / failure of this assignment or the subject in more serious cases.
” Plagiarism includes using someone else s work and failing to quote the person and / or failing to give credit to the source from the work is taken.
” You are encouraged to use your own words, otherwise properly acknowledged using Harvard referencing style e.g., in-text citations / references.
” ***This assignment is to be submitted for online plagiarism detection software.

Assignment s Requirement and Specification: You are required to undertakes the following tasks:

” It is primarily to show understanding of key concepts, theories, or models for this assignment and apply / link them to business reality / your personal experience to facilitate your learning.
” Be assertive to draw conclusions for your analyses and evaluations.
” You are strongly encouraged to reflect on your own managerial experiences, if you have, in developing business strategy in your organisation.
” Besides searching for literature or publications, you may consider interviewing managers in the organisation selected.
” Please bear in mind this is an analytical assignment, therefore you must able to evaluate, contrast and compare.
” You must be able to hold the reader s interest with in-depth critic analyses and be insightful and enlightening thoughts.
” Do not be descriptive or Regurgitate of what the company / organisation are doing.
” This assignment is an analytical based assignment. Hence, you are required and expected to carry out a market research methodological: research/analytical assignment using materials and supporting evidence from research publications, business journals / report newspapers, business magazines, annual reports, internet articles and/or recommended textbook to support justification, argument or discussion to answer the below assignment questions in relation to the business organisations, in order to submit the assignment with the following contents and relevant details.
” You can also use materials outside the recommended textbook to answer the assignment questions in relation to the business organisation.
” You can also use appendices to include to further detail and / or additional material, but materials placed in appendices must be referred to and be relevant to material in the main body of your report. *Excessive use of appendices will be viewed negatively.
” When writing report, remember that this is a business document and as such clarity, ease of understanding, logical flow of materials covered and an attractive presentation style [use of headings, (tables diagrams, etc. indicated in referencing list for print out)] will enhance the value of the content and the way in which your contribution to the organization is viewed.

Recommended Core Textbook
Kuratko, Donald F. & Hodgetts, Richard M., (2007), Entrepreneurship: theory/process/practise, 7th edition, Thomson South-Western
Kirby, David A. (2003), Entrepreneurship, McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

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United States assosication for small business & entrepreneurship  sources from websites other than the mentioned source.
(c.) To provide (6) more research publications, newspapers, journal reports and business magazines other than the mentioned source.

The Assignment s Question
 Small businesses are increasingly becoming an important part of today s modern economy. With references to examples from Singapore, describe the importance of smal