Ntrepreneurship and Small Business: international perspertive

Here is the question:
Family enterprise
The effects of ownership on the nature and character of a small firm has stimulated academic debate and still remain a very hot topic in entreprenerurship research. Centralised and autocratic decision making that characterises family enterprises can be beneficial or detrimental to firm performance and longevity of those enterprising systems.

Outline and discuss the unique characteristics of family enterprises and demonstrate their value in the global economy, in 1500 words.
then, you must present a 500 word case study on a successful family enterprise that is established on a global scale. the answer should be supported from academic journals.

1) structure
Clear introuduction
Clear summary/conclusion
Liner progression of argument

2) Analysis
Appropriate discussion of relevant concepts
thorough analysis of findings

3) Use of sources
Range of reading
Good link between recent, relevant articles and grounded theory

need referencing !
ielts 6.5
no paragrium