Ntrepreneurship and Small Business Management (MAGT 302)

Guidelines for Project and marking:
One project is suggested for this course.
Each group consists of 2-4 students must provide a business plan report on one of the following topics:
1) a new business or social venture,
2) a substantial restructuring or re-launching of an existing business, or
3) the takeover of a family business.
This assignment will assess studentsa abilities to explore based on own understandings of Entrepreneurship and small business management.
These reports/business plans (hard copy and soft copy) must be submitted to the instructor by Wednesday (28th of May 2014).
Your report length can range between 8-12 pages (Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12, Space: 1.5, bold titles).
At least six references from different resources are advised in order to complete this project.
Marking criteria for assignment is as follows:
Research base (literature review): Extent and relevancy.
Referencing: Sources acknowledged and correctly cited as guided noting that written deliverables must be referenced on the proper format as guided.
Technical aspects: including:
A· Introduction and sensibly drawn conclusion.
A· Flow and articulation of argument.
A· Layout: logical, coherent and cogent.
4 marks for the research base.
2 marks for referencing.
9 marks for technical aspects including 3 marks for each sub-criterion.