Ntrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Assessment Details

Participants will develop an organisational business plan and present it with a view to gaining the resources/finances required for its implementation.

No Assessment type Weight Learning outcomes Submission
1 A: Literature Review 40% See above Week 10
2 A: Preparation of either:
A business plan
50% See above Week 15

Please note that:
Plagiarism and cheating are serious academic offences and will be severely punished.

Assessment 1
The aim of this assessment is to extend the intellectual skills and personal development within the academic expectations of students. It is a group activity within a secondary research framework requiring a academic diligence and critical analysis in putting together an original review of contemporary and emerging knowledge of a specialised area in Entrepreneurship.

The start date is not specified but the Weekly Programme document signals as early as Week 2 that some sort of embryonic activity needs to be under way and by week 5 you should hand in a provisional statement of the research area you are planning to research in.

The word target is 2,000 words (+ or  10%).

The process has the following schedule:

” Period up to week 6 is the gestation period where an area is reviewed (amongst many at the early stages) and gradually becomes more focused. Clearly you will be speaking to your tutor during this time and you are encouraged to network with colleagues who are in similar areas. This broadens the knowledge and data bases and stimulates discussion
” Week 5 will be the first formal statement of what you are doing and with whom as a pair. You are required to draw the boundaries so it does not get too large; your reason for choosing this area, which can include personal interest but must also have an academic slant; some suitably relevant and robust sources, i.e. that have academic credibility; and, finally, some plan of the next stages of your search.
” During weeks 6-9, you should have at least one meeting with your tutor.
” Week 10 is the final deadline for handing in the final document.

Weighting: 40%

Guideline length: 2000 words

From previous experience some guidance in writing a literature review is important so here are some useful points below for you to consider:
a. Look up, in academic sources, what a literature review is all about. Please refer to the Links for numerous web sites and the file Research Resources
b. A literature review can be defined as:
 A critical summary and an assessment of the current state of knowledge or current state of the art in a particular field.
Key words are current state of knowledge and art and critical summary so your research needs to be directed at contemporary sources of literature and it needs to have a certain breadth in order to take a critical look at what a range of authors are writing. This latter enables you to identify where theories and empirical evidence diverge and thus be able to place your own analysis and interpretation on the state of play in a particular area or even whether the results are valid.
c. Remember that you are already conducting literature searches through existing assignments in other modules where you are expected to search and substantiate information through referencing. The literature review is extending these activities and turning it around to review the sources themselves.
d. Finally, taking us back to the first point, remember that you should, as you research your chosen area(The chosen area is Creativity: The Soul of Entrepreneurship, have the literature research framework to put your findings into. It is important you read the relevant literature on conducting a literature review, particularly what sources of information and the process of putting these together in order to make viable and valid conclusions. A literature review is NOT a descriptive summary of what different academic writers are producing currently.

Second Assignment Submission Deadline

Assessment 2
You have two options:
” Write a business plan for either your own business or for one that you want to set up (Wash and clean dry cloths/ Laundry). Use as a model the specimen business plan in the Appendix 2 to Chapter 14 that is closest to your business (retail, service or manufacture); prepare a business plan for your own business idea, using the pro forma available in Paul Burns Entrepreneurship and Small Business, pp.384-388. Whilst you do not have to follow the precise format for a plan recommended in this text, you are expected to cover all the main elements of a plan, including financial forecasts for 3 years.

Weighting: 50%
Guideline length: 5000 words
Mode of activity: Individual

Ntrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Hi Sir/Madam,

–Explain how womenas enterprise can contribute to the recovery of the UK economy–

The question above is the main subject of the essay.

Please be sure that the quality of the sources are minimum of four stars (4*)
Please be critical: donat take anything for granted
Please make a note of good examples to illustrate your arguments.

Topic that could help: Gender and Entrepreneurship.

Please contact me if you need have any question. Thanks

Ntrepreneurship and Small Business Management

This essay is divided into two parts
choose one of the three topic and discuss for 2000words
on the selected topic, you are requested to research a successful business that is global and write a short, 1000 word.

P.S: let me know if anything not clear or need further information. please carefully read through the document that I have uploaded. thank you.

Ntrepreneurship and Small Business Management

You are required to write a business plan either for a business idea you have or this can be a real or an imaginary business or one for an existing small business showing its growth path. Whilst you do not have to follow any precise format, you are expected to cover all the main elements of a plan, make certain your business plan covers all the areas covered in the marking criteria and grading grid. Attached. also make the business plan in Omani Rial Currency and the business should be avoidable and realistic such as restaurant, bookshop. small business

main elements of a plan, make certain your business plan covers all the areas covered in the marking criteria and grading grid. do not copy the contents of on-line plans. Marks will be awarded for the thoroughness of the plan, not for the profit-making potential of the business idea. A good plan that proves the idea to be unviable can receive full marks. Marks for this assessment will be awarded based on the criteria below. There is a grading grid for this assessment in the Appendix to the Handbook.
? Clarity, consistency and originality of value proposition(s) 10%
? Clear identification of target market segment(s) 10%
? Comprehensiveness of market and competitor analysis 10%
? Consistency/originality of core marketing & entry and/or growth strategies 10%
? Comprehensiveness and accuracy of financial projections 20%
? Comprehensive identification of resources required and financing 10%
? Identification of material risks and their mitigation 10%
? Realism and practicality of plan 10%
? Overall presentation, including clarity of English 10%

Follow the instruction attached also provide business plan.