Ntrepreneurship, Business Plan for SWIFT

Course name: Entrepreneurship

Summary: an idea of developing a daily services app called (SWIFT APP) that helps offering services on Taxi, restaurants/ food and cinemas within Geneva area. for the first year then expanding it to other major european cities for the second year and third year.

what is needed basically is to give a prediction on the figure numbers that will be included in the financial analysis.
Reasonable figures for starting up such a business.
I was asked to prepare a business plan about developing an app which already did.
i did the survey and the researching proccess, but I am having trouble preparing the financial analysis (Income statement, Balance sheet and cash flow statement)
I need preparing them please.




Starting First Year:

Programming: $40 000 80 000
Design: $40 000 60 000

1. Cost per install marketing a 20000 installs 15000$
2. Advertising .20$ cost per click 50 000 clicks 10000$
3. Social networks, online promotion, + various advertising 50 000$
4. Brochure a print + design 50 000 flyers/brochures 12000$

QR code technology implementation for suppliers: 20 000 CHF/ year

Operations: 1500$ / month 18 000 $/year

Call center customer support: 14$ per hour 12*14 4200$ per month 50400 $ per year

Employee a Technological Officer a 4000 CHF/ Month 48000 CHF/Year

Patents, copyright a 8 000 CHF

Starting Second Year:

4 Employees (supplier manager, marketing manager, operations manager, support manager): 12000CHF/month 144 000 CHF/Year

+ Officer a 4000 CHF/ Month 48000 CHF/Year

Office 5000 CHF/month 60 000 CHF

Various expenses a office supplies 12 000 CHF/ year


First Year: (calculated by dividing second year number by the difference number in people)

1000 people a 144000 CHF

Restaurants + food delivery:
500 people a 144000 CHF

Cinema: 500 people a 12000 CHF/year

Starting Second year:

2500 people a 12 times a month a average fare 20CHF a commission 5% 1CHF
Revenue from taxis a 60000 CHF/month 360 000 CHF/year

Restaurants + Food Delivery:
1250 people 5% commission a 40CHF average meal a 2CHF per meal a 3 times a week 24CHF revenue per month per person 120 000 CHF revenue per month 360 000 CHF per year starting second year

Cinema: 1000 people a 20 chf ticket a 5% commission 1CHF a 2 times a month 24000CHF/year

Note: Due to higher uncertainty in regulating supplier agreements and varying product costs, we decided to take out train and theater revenues for the time being. In addition it is important to note, that for revenues we stayed as conservative as possible, and for costs a as pragmatic as possible, predicting the highest costs possible. Within the first year we plan on adding theater/opera (various seats and shows) and trains (1st/2nd class, all destinations) and begin analyzing the cost vs. revenue for offering these services.

Finally, an important factor for revenue a is addition of new services. The evolution of Swift directly implies a growing number of useful services. With this the commisions will grow exponentially and thus the total revenue. This is a logical direction and will be pursued with the outmost care and careful market and customer analysis.