Ntrepreneurship CepatPrint s Entrpereneurial Challenge

Program : TAR University MBA
Module Name : Entrepreneurship
Date : July 2006
Title : Case Study Assignment Question (weightage 100%)


CepatPrint s Entrpereneurial Challenge

CepatPrint Sdn. Bhd. is a two-year old Malaysian start-up in the creative graphic design and print products/services industry targeted at small-medium enterprises (SMEs) and domestic advertising agencies in the Klang Valley. The company has 3 departments staffed by 14 all of whom have multitasking functions including the General Manager (Figure 2a & b). The work atmosphere is very amicable with minimal supervision. With the GM leading by example, management style is consultative and has cultivated independence balanced with a strong teamwork culture that creative work requires.

The current work flow (Figure 2c) begins when the creative team receives a work order and raises a purchase order for any materials required. Processing is through manual handwritten forms later captured onto MS-Excel worksheets which are then forwarded to the accounts department for billing, sales reconciliation and inventory tracking. The creative team works on high-end stand alone Apple Macs. For simple and low quantity orders, completed graphic designs are printed out on a networked high-end laser colour printer followed by delivery. For more complicated and larger orders, finished designs saved on PCMIA cards are transferred to another machine for colour separation and production of film transparencies. Completed films are used in another machine for plate production which are then sent to outsourced printers followed by delivery. Current products/services include designing and printing of marketing brochures, pamphlets, logos, envelopes, name cards, letterheads, and memo pads. Target markets are SMEs and small advertising agencies requiring low start-up/operating costs that urgently require printed marketing materials and business stationery. Each of the three creative artists is stretched and averages only 6 jobs monthly. The average revenue per job is RM4,000, with a net profit margin of 10% on the back of RM72,000 in monthly turnover. Current Malaysian market share is insignificant. The biggest external challenge is a highly competitive industry, while internally the challenge is an overburdened and multitasking workforce that is restricting business expansion. An alternative to maintain low headcount and lean operations would be to use a computerised information system, new printing technologies and Internet opportunities to expand market share.
* Sdn. Bhd.  Pte. Ltd.

Case Study Question
How can CepatPrint exploit Internet as a new distribution channel and e-commerce capabilities to enable B2B and B2C printing press transactions to speed up order fulfillment and widen its market presence?

You are required to examine the firm s internal, external and competitive environments and make suggestions on how the firm can use computerized MIS, printing technologies and internet capabilities to improve and expand its business domestically.

Total (100 marks)

Figure 2a: CepatPrint s Organisation Chart

Table 2b: CepatPrint s Staff Breakdown

Staff Position No. of Staff
General Manager 1
Marketing Manager 1
Sales Executives 3
Operations Manager 1
Graphic designers · one doubles up as copy writer· two also produce film colour separation 3
Printing / Delivery Technicians (also does packing) 1
Office Manager (does purchasing) 1
Order Processing and Despatch clerk 1
Accounts Clerk 1
HR Administrator 1
Total 14

Figure 2c: CepatPrint s Business Process Work Flow

Entrepreneurship (CepatPrint Case) Assessment Criteria

Introduction(about 100 words) · Objectives and scope of the report· Summary of importance of Entrepreneurial SMEs x/5
Body(about 2,500 words)must demonstrate assessment, evaluation and synthesis of material covered using appropriate examples to link with citations and quotations Literature review on technological changes· Causes of changes that brought about Internet, e-business, & e-commerce capabilities x/10
Environmental Analysis (opportunities & threats)· PEST factors and how they have affected CepatPrint & its industry x/20
Industry Analysis (5-forces)· How have the combined factors alter the industry competition? x/20
Internal Analysis (strengths & weaknesses in Value Chain)· How has use of current technology help/hinder CepatPrint s the internal value chain? x/20
Summary of Strategy (overall & marketing)· What kinds of strategy should the chosen company adopt as a result of using and promoting ICT internally and externally in the graphic design & printing industry. x/5
Recommendations(100 words) · Make any recommendations that you feel would have improved the project implementation x/5
Conclusion(100 words) · Draw on the body of your assignment to summarise your main points and recommendations made. x/5
Format & layout of presentation, Coherent and logical flow of arguments with Harvard Referencing style with adequate citations & quotations x/5
Participation attendance in Net Chats & Forums x/5

The above is a guideline, you can include any other area of relevant discussion to bring across your understanding of the question and material covered but the main areas above should be covered first.

Assignment Instructions.

1. This assignment, which carries 100% of the total marks for the module, is compulsory for candidates in the TAR University MBA programme.

2. The assessment criteria are:
(a) Substance
(b) Originality of work
(c) Presentation
(d) Use of illustrations / examples, where appropriate

3. Independent research on the relevant topics is encouraged.

4. Special consideration would be given to students who demonstrate an in-depth analysis of the questions.

5. Candidates who simply regurgitate their answers from the recommended text may risk getting a poor mark.

6. Candidates may risk failing the paper if outright plagiarism is detected.

7. Any similarities between individual assignments will result in a fail grade.

8. The assignment should be about 3,000 words in length. (+/10%)

9. Pages should be clearly numbered. (eg Page x of y)

10. The format of the assignment should be as follows:

Word processed using Times Roman 12 pt font

(a) Front cover (i.e. title page), stating the:
· Module name and code
· Student s full name and I/C number
· Class code (ie intake month)
· Name of Facilitator
· Submission date
(b) Contents page
(c) Main body of the assignment
(d) References / Bibliography
· Example: Kotler, P. (1997) Marketing Management  Analysis Planning, Implementation, and Control (9th ed.). New York: Prentice Hall International.
(e) Appendices

11. Retain a photocopy of your course assignment.

12. Complete your assignment and hand it in by: 15 th August 2006 (12 weeks from last tutorial)

Assessment Guidelines:

This assignment is designed to assess your ability to:
collect relevant data about an organization and its external environment
select and use the appropriate frameworks to carry out a strategic analysis of an organization and its external environment and hence identify and explain the key strategic issues facing the organization

present your findings in a concise and clearly structured report

§ Students may collaborate during preliminary analysis of the case but the final report must be each student s own work. Evidence of collaboration during the writing of the final report will lead to a FAIL grade.

§ Marks will commensurate with the rigour of your strategic analysis. Basic research data must be included as appendices. The sources of all data must be clearly shown in the Harvard referencing format

§ You must not attempt to contact t