Ntrepreneurship class; Business Model & Feasibility Essay

Expect to take approximately (1-2) pages (doublespaced, 12-point font) to complete this assignment. Your work will be graded on completeness, clarity, originality, interest, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Based on the business concept you presented in last weeks assignment, begin considering the feasibility of your idea. Thinking about your new business, answer the following questions and upload in a Word.
1. What are the demographics, trends, patterns of change, and life-cycle stage of the industry?
2. What are the barriers to entry (getting started) and are there any barriers you can set up?
3. What are typical profit margins (difference between what you can charge and what it costs to produce) in the industry?
4. What are distributors, competitors, retailers, and others saying about the industry?
5. In addition to the First customeryou identified last week, are there other potential customers? How many potential customers are in your market?
6. Who are your competitors, and how are you differentiated from them?
7. What are the features and benefits of the product or service?

Note: reference our text book:
Bryd & Moegginson. (2013). Small Business Management; An Entrepreneuras Guidebook 7th ed. McGraw-Hill, Irwin. Print.

Please see attached documents to complete this assignment.