Ntrepreneurship Creating a Business Opportunity

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Executive Summary (approximately 150 words)

The Business Opportunity
– Market Gap
– Service, Product offering

Market research and data collection
– Mintel, Passport i??Secondlyi??
– Analysing Questionnaire i??Primary”
– Table, pie chart, graph

Feasibility : Micro market analysis
– Target market size
– Current Trends
– Dynamics
– Target Profile
– Target Behaviour
– Customer Profile

Feasibility : Macro market drivers
– The main market drivers
– Overall market size

Feasibility : The competitive environment and direct competitors
– Porteri??s Five Forces
– Analysis of direct competitors

Feasibility : Sustainability, operational and financial issues
– USP (Unique Selling Point)
– Critical Success Factors (CSF)
– Start-up Financing
– Post-Start up financing
– SWOT analysis

Feasibility : Managerial capabilities and resources
– Personal capabilities
– Execution of CSF
– Business and Social network