Ntrepreneurship in the Global Environment The Entrepreneur I Most Admire

Your assignment requires you to identify an entrepreneur of your choice, and
a. provide a profile brief of the person you have selected to study as an entrepreneur and explain why you have selected him or her as you choice of study
b. using concepts and models learned from entrepreneurship in the global environment, explain why your choice of person can be classed as an entrepreneur
c. critically evaluate what you feel has been the entrepreneurial strategy that your chosen subject has deployed to achieve recognition as an entrepreneur by you
d. critically reflect on the modules learning outcomes and explain how you have achieve them

The assignment will be marked according to the following criteria:
i?? the degree of critical evaluation and analysis in the arguments made (descriptive submissions are likely to receive low marks).
i?? scope of reading and research demonstrated in the answer by appropriate referencing.
i?? the degree to which your arguments are underpinned by theory and research evidence.

Other considerations include:
i?? clarity and structure of the arguments (formal essay format with appropriate introduction and conclusions should be used).
i?? use of appropriate examples.
i?? overall presentation, including spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Distribution of marks for the assignment:
i?? 10% Presentation and Layout
i?? 10% Study candidate background
i?? 20% Discussion of rationality and justification of choice of candidate
i?? 40% Discussion on the choice of model selected and analytical discussion on findings
i?? 20% Reflective discussion on learning module outcomes

Added on 06.05.2015 09:09
The book I have mentioned in the reference section (Entrepreneurship by Stokes, Wilson & Madon)
I cant find an online copy of this but Im attaching chapter 1 & 6 as these are the only sections I can find. I may scan more pages of my hard copy and send them to you but please find another book/source similar to this book for references.

Added on 06.05.2015 09:17
The word count can be upto 10% more… so the maximum would be 3300 words. If you go a little over its ok