Ntrepreneurship & Innovation in Organisations 2500 word essay excluding references etc. to be submitted by Wednesday 24th January 2007, .

Discuss the organisational and managerial factors which influence the degree of innovative and entrepreneurial activity occurring within an organisation. Identify the areas for your personal development with respect to entrepreneurial and innovative practices.

Assessment criteria

1. Ability to critically analyse relevant theories, models and concepts relating to organisational entrepreneurship and innovation processes.
2. Application of theories, etc., to a complex organisational context.
3. Ability to form justified conclusions, recommendations and proposals which exhibit inter-disciplinary perspectives.
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Babson (1988-current)  Frontiers of Entrepreneurship . (University of Northampton Library Collection)

Essential Journal sources include:

Entrepreneurship and Regional Development
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
International Small Business Journal
Regional Studies

Students will be expected to make full use of the library CD Rom and Internet facilities to search related academic journals and the business press.

Other titles include: European Journal of Innovation Management; Harvard Business Review; and British Journal of Management.


The world leader in entrepreneurship education is Babson College in Boston, USA at html
Cambridge University has a useful site at /uk