Ntrepreneurship reflect views and understanding of theoretical material.

Assignment Part A and B
* Marking guide as attached*

Part A  [i need this Part within 2 days]
Based on the first four seminar topics of the unit program, in your own words, provide a 150 to 200 word summary that describes an entrepreneur. The assessment will reflect your views and understanding of the theoretical material presented to you during the class sessions.
* no references needed and strictly own words & no plagiarism!*

Part B  [require around christmas time]
This assessment required you to reflect upon your further learning during the unit program and to review your earlier assessment of what you thought an entrepreneur to be. Again, this assessment needs to be between 150 and 200 words and you can change your earlier Part A assessment explaining why your views have changed or if not, justify what you said earlier in Part A. You are required to submit this assessment at the start of seminar 12. Your original Part A summary must be included as an attachment with the Part B summary.

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