Ntrepreneurship Start Up (Company research funding of choice)

Write a professional paper that researches one funding vehicle of their choice. Paper length 3 pages (single space ). Include ALL the following information: What types of loans are provided (equipment, working capital etc.). Description of typical company/individual that utilizers this type of funding. What is the source of funds? What are the rates based on? What are the typical terms? List three companies that offer this type of funding?

* I will be attaching the grading rubric. PLEASE Sir/Madam follow it clearly and cover everything. If anything is unclear I am here just ask me for clarification. I am in a TOP Business school and so packed in work that i dont have time to do this and its worth 40% of my final grade thats why i am reaching out for you. 0Please try your absolute best on it. The Professor really wants:
1) good research put into this and effort
2) He emphasized in critical thinking. Will be graded very hard on the critical thinking.
3) Moreover, what it to be FINANCIALLY WRITTEN. Direct and to the point. Unlike a english essay. Including fact and being detailed. Its an MBA program class so they want it direct and to the point in business language. Single space 3 pages in length.

Once again, if anything is unclear reach out to me. I am here to help and clarify.

Lastly, I will need a 2-3 slide summary of the paper in a POWERPOINT to present it to the class. Like a 3 minute presentation. Can you please add that to it ? I appreciate all the help and support