Nviromental assessment of buildings on the univercity campus and Possible solutions for a more sustainable future.

For my dissertation I will require, for a total of 7500 words (not including references).
A basic outline of what makes a modern building ecologically sustainable and a few words about the environmental comfort on a building.

I will provide you with a series of measurements(temperature ,luminance, humidity and noise) and results from questioners from two buildings. With this I will require you to cross analyze the results in two stages, first between the measurements and the questioner and then a cross analysis of the results of the first analysis between the two. (This would be about 2500 words) i will also provide you with a text of about 2500 words (about sustainable development) and I would like you to add it on as you think
Lastly I would require providing an assessment of possible improvements to the environmental sustainability of the two buildings.

I would also like a introduction and conclusion that detail the goals of this work and the final results respectfully.