Nvironemtal Economics Group assignment 2

Hi ,

I want the absolute best writer you have that specialises on Economics and the environment.. This is a MBA unit, so I need a writer with the highest credentials.. Im an existing customer, and with all due respect the last few assignment have barely giving me a pass. I really would something of at least credit rating.

Any way, I have attached the details of the assesment in word document. As this is a group assignment, Some of the question (which entails summarising ETS as against CT for reducing gas emmission in Aust) has already been answered, by one of my fellow colleaugues.

I have been asked to do the following section 3: Taking the perspective of a major Australian corporation, what would be your recommendations on this issue, with supporting reasons and evidence, to the Garnaut Climate Change Review? As you can see, The group have decided to focus on the airline Quantas.. so please focus your this organisation.

Section 3, which I have been chosen to do, needs to flow well from the Intro and Section 2.. it cannot be disjointed. It needs to flow very nicely. There is no need to do the conclusion or abstract as this is already being done by another group member.

Finally, I have attached the Course unit study guide in PDF format.. This will give you a good indication of what the course unit is about , and has been prepared by the lecturer. Please only use this as a study guide, and not as referencing material.

Hope all is clear.