Nvironment and Justice: looking at how an environmental factor can affect communities along with the environment

Hi there this assignment is for the course on environmental justice. The assignment description from the teacher is: 5. Final Paper (35%)

The purpose of this final paper is to synthesize, present, and demonstrate the knowledge gained in each of the competency areas during this class.

Students should choose one or more activities from class and reflect upon what they have learned about the two competency areas of Global Perspectives and Citizenship and Working with Others through the activity/activities. Use the class resources (textbooks, films, other resources presented by the instructor or by classmates) to illustrate points and back up the argument.

Evaluation Criteria:

This paper will be assessed for both content and form according to the evaluation checklist handed out in class. In addition to the two competency areas that are overtly addressed in this paper (i.e. global perspectives and citizenship & working with others), the areas of communication, critical thinking, and working with multiple bodies of knowledge will also be assessed according to how well you communicate and demonstrate critical thinking in writing, as well as the sources you select to back up your comments.


Maximum 2,000 word paper (not including title page or reference list)
Double or 1.5 spacing; professional font (i.e. not Comic or Curlz )
APA referencing style
See checklist for further details (to be posted on Moodle).

Communication 12%
Are the objectives of the paper clear and well delivered? (2pts)
Are the citations and bibliographic references accurate? (2pts)
Is the paper presented in a clear and useful format? (2pts)
Is the paper free from spelling and grammatical errors? (6pts)

Critical Thinking 10%
Does the paper demonstrate critical reflection? (10pts)

Global Perspectives and Citizenship 15%
Does the paper demonstrate an appreciation of the link between unjust social structures and environmental degradation (10pts)
Does the paper show an analysis of the impacts of global economic, socio-political and cultural issues on local and regional societies (2pts)
Does the paper discuss and suggest examples of actions that promote local and global human well-being (3pts)

Does the paper reflect an appreciation of the benefits of good relationships and collective action (1)
Does the paper demonstrate sensitivity to culture, gender, disability, sexuality, class, language, etc. (2)

i would like you to write about a particular case (any you find good quality information on) pertaining to oil spills. It should access the effects it has on the environment as well as the community.