Nvironment Management for Sustainable Development

Task: You work as a Consultant for a hypothetical organization named Green Consultant. This organization offers advice for organizations environmental management and related activities. Green Consultants has recently taken quite interest in that of organizations from the oil industry, particularly that of BP. You hace been requested to write a report which provides a crittical analysis in ralation to BPs chosen and planned activities which show concern towards that of environmental management and sustainability on a continuous basis, and the measures which they wish to use in the future to act in line with their environmental concerns. Your report should include the following:
A brief explanation of the parties involved with BPs environmental management activities ( Media, banks, the public, consumers, customers, employees, competitors, investors/shareholders)

An analysis of the effects of the Deepwater Horizon accident 2010 (gulf of mexico) on the organization BP as a whole.

An analysis of theeffect of the Deepwater Horizon accident of 2010 gulf of mexico on the environment and various stakeholders.

A critical analysis of the measures which BP put in place to show concerns of environmental management and sustainability issues relating to their business operation (in line with areas within BPs sustainability review 2011)