Nvironment Management/Sustainable development when constructing in a seismic zone.(,Turkey, Ankara,University of Ankara).a?

You will demonstrate digital literacy in producing an integrated, comprehensive technical report relating to analysis and design for a complex Civil Engineering project.

TITLE OF THE REPORT: Academic structure in a seismic zone

In the UK we are fortunate to live somewhere where there is relatively no seismic activity. However, your civil engineering career may well take you to places where there is significant seismic risk. Examples include Christchurch in New Zealand, Japan and Turkey. This project involves the design of an academic structure (similar in size and scope as the new MB Building on campus, but to be located in a seismic zone of your choice.( Turkey, photo of exact location, and of MB building attached)

Areas of expertise must include:
– evaluation of possible solutions
– justification of chosen solution
– detailed design of chosen solution
– reference and design in accordance with current UK standards
– health and safety risk assessment
– environmental considerations

Environment Management/Sustainable development MUST INCLUDE:
a? Environmental Impact Assessment
a? Evidence of sustainability issues having been a key driver in the overall design decision making process
a? Minimisation of consumption of natural resources and energy during construction phase and throughout the life of the project
a? Enhancement and protection of the immediate and surrounding natural and man-made environment
a? Control of waste during the production process (including a Site Waste Management Plan)
a? Water and Drainage (environmentally friendly design of the surface water run-off system, SUDS)
a? Carbon accounting
a? Consideration of cultural heritage where appropriate
a? Reference to and compliance with current environmental strategies
a? Highlight the Civil Engineeras contribution and obligations to society (health and safety of the workforce, general public and environmental safety)
a? Sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS)
a? Risk identification,assessment and mitigation