Nvironmental Analysis and Strategic Direction

Identify and research a large chain restaurant that has gone bankrupt in the past ten (10) years.

Write a 4 page paper on the following:
1. Perform an environmental analysis on your chosen bankrupt restaurant and evaluate the circumstances that led to its failure.
2. Evaluate the restaurantas competitive advantages to assess how they did or did not capitalize on them.
3. Identify moves or counter-moves of rivals that led to the downfall of the restaurant. Describe how anticipation of these actions would have more accurately assessed the potential outcomes.
4. Identify tangible and intangible resources the restaurant failed to use that may have helped the company succeed. Explain your reasoning.
5. Reviewing the restaurantas downfall, now create your own strategy for this restaurant in order for it to succeed. Be explicit in describing the strategic direction you would take and state your rationale.