Nvironmental (and Audience) Friendliness in Rachel Carson and Devra Davis: Where Ecocriticism and Rhetoric Meet

Answer the 8 questions

**** Each question tell me your opinion and need well explanation also give detail from the articles*****

1.Is the text on task and written for the proper audience and in the right genre via the assignment sheet? how or how not?

2. Is there a title? what does it do for the text(or not do)?

3. Is there a Claim or statement of purpose? Does it seem specific and complicated enough? why or why not?

4. Does the writer capture your attention in the Introduction? how? is the purpose of the text clear from the introduction?

5. Does the writers text flow? Do all the parts in the text seem to fit together in the best way? Are the ideas and Evidence of this text Interwoven together through quotes, analyses, and cohesive connections? how? (Need well explanation )

6. Do you know WHY each part of the text is there? If not, how can adjustments be made? (which part of paragraph)

7. What is the conclusion doing? Does it both summarize the text a bit, as well as amplify the claim or purpose of the text, stated in the introduction, a little further or more creatively?

8.Is it INTERESTING/ and or informative!? Why or why not?