Nvironmental and social impact from AL-HAMRA tower On heart of Kuwait city

I have a Dissertation (final year project) for the last year of the civil and environmental engineering ? I have asked a friend to do the project, but he has not done as required.
I have a Dissertation, but I want you to modify and the addition of missing parts

Can you do?
1Table of contents
4-Methods (important)

Can you do these in old dissertation?
*Remanage the dissertation
*There are several things repeated
*References personalized
*Change the words from American to English (e.g. color and organize)
*Eco effect at each stage good and bad
*At the end of each section can you write the impact environment impact?
*There are paragraphs copied from the Internet (plagiarism)
*All the titles of chapters and sequencing are good (and try to not change it), but weak content
*Add any information and paragraphs Related to the project that it considers useful

Very, very important to add this point in all parts of the project (Methodology):-
Methods of solving problems, believes that it has faced or will face the project