Nvironmental Apocalypse / Religious Apocalypse

I have already written about apocalypsism/the imminent end as a result of human impact on the environment (population growth, consumerism, pollution, global warming etc) through a scientific argument.
I now need to add that humanity FAVOUR and PREFER abrahamic religious beliefs about the world ending, as oppose to the scientific argument stated above, as religion DOES NOT blame the negligence of humanity for the world ending…the world ending is inevitable due to God. Each abrahamic religion should me addressed (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). This should be composed of paragraphs (no headings or subheadings please). This religious debate should be linked to the scientific debate to make a clear counter argument. I need references to literary texts that suggest the world is ending because of religion as well. (Making reference to literary texts are vital to my essay!) If you need any further assistance, questions answered or any clarity please inform me right away. I also use the MHRA style guide, if possible please use this instead of Harvard.