Nvironmental Archeologyeffects of rising sea levels on Costal populations at the end of the last ice age.

This Term Paper is a Mock dissertation research, just like real graduate student you need money to gather the data needed to examine your research questions. You have to seek a National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant to fund your research.

So we are pretending to attempt and earn a 20,000 dollar grant from NSF to pursue your dream project in Environmental Archaeology, in your writing you will have to convince them that you have a handle on 1) the problem you want to study 2) previous research on the topic, 3) the theories that you plan to employ in interpreting the data you collect in examining your research question, and 4) a good understanding of the various archaeological sites and research methods you hope to investigate. Your research MUST address some aspect of the human environmental relationship using primarily archaeological data.

I will upload a DETAILED set of instructions from my Professor. Please follow it carefully and Ask me if you have any questions. This is a large portion of my grade.

My research question is as follows, and feel free to tweak it slightly.
Research questionAt the end of the last Ice age when the polar caps melted, how were the costal human populations effected, and what is being done archeologically to study these submerged areas today?