Scientific article: A practical write-up in the format of a scientific article will be used to assess the your ability to present and describe data clearly and to critically analyse results in relation to scientific literature. You will demonstrate and develop your analytical skills, presentation of reasoned argument in the context of the scientific literature and your ability to communicate experimental information to scientists.

The scientific article will be assessed on the basis of the standard of the abstract, the introduction and incorporation of references, data presentation and description, data analysis supported by the scientific literature and explanation of the significance of the results in the context of environmental biotechnology, and a detailed reference list. A mark sheet for this assignment is explained below.


Abstract (7.5%)
(1) Does the abstract contain, in brief, aims, key results, key points of analysis and conclusion? __
(2) Is the abstract no more than 200 words long? __

Introduction (5%)
(3) Are the aims clearly stated? __
(4) Is the background information to the practical (including information from literature) clear, concise and appropriate? __

Materials and Methods (2.5%)
(5) Is there a clear outline of methods used if different from the schedule? __
(6) Is there inclusion of any additional information supplied during the practical? __

Results (25%)
(7) Are there clear, concise and accurate tables, calculations, graphs etc.? __
(8) Is there a brief description of results, highlighting key results and referring to appropriate tables, graphs etc. __
(9) Is statistical analysis incorporated where appropriate? __

Discussion (50%)
(10) Is there a clear and critical analysis of the results in relation to aims of experiment(s) and in relation to information in the literature/course? __
(11) Do the conclusions include a discussion of the possible significance and implications of the results in terms of environmental biotechnologies? __

Use of Information Sources (5%)
(12) Is there good use of information sources? __
(13) Are sources cited accurately and appropriately in the introduction and discussion?
(14) Are sources correctly listed in a reference section, giving full details of the references? __

General presentation (5%)
(15) Is the practical report logically presented? __
(16) Is the practical report easily understood and interpreted? __
(17) Is the English and syntax satisfactory? __