Nvironmental Biotechnology (biological process)


Title and Introduction (10%):

(1) Does the title accurately reflect the content of the article and would it capture a readers attention?
(2) Is the introduction of an acceptable length and content?
(3) Is the introduction interesting and would it make readers want to continue to read the article?

Content (40%):

(5) Is the information content clear and to the point?
(6) Is the scientific content easily understood while remaining accurate?
(7) Is attention drawn to the key findings of the research?
(8) Are the practical implications of the research for the development of an environmental biotechnology simply explained?

Illustrations (35%)

(9) Are the diagrams, flowcharts and other illustrations clear and well designed?
(10) Do the illustrations support material in the text?
(11) Do the illustrations contain sufficient information to be understandable to someone not reading the text?
(12) Are the illustrations attractive and do they enhance the appearance of the article?

General Presentation (15
(11) Are the themes of the article logically developed? __
(12) Is the article easily understood and interpreted? __
(13) Is the English and syntax satisfactory? __
(14) Is the article word processed and no longer than 500 words? __
(15) Has a copy of the chosen research article been handed-in with the coursework?