Nvironmental Chemical Compound Research Writing Assignment

Each student will choose a chemical compound that has an effect on our environment. The effect could be a good effect or a bad effect. Each student must get approval for their compound from the instructor before they submit their paper. This compound should be researched. Each student should have a minimum of 3 valid references. The database SciFinder must be used by each student in performing this research and be the source of at least one reference. The other two (minimum you may have more) references must be scholarly sources as a combination of credible websites and library resources. Once the research is compiled a 2-3 page paper single spaced 11 point font should be written providing the following information on the chemical compound. (1) All the various names for the compound. (2) If possible the chemical structure of the compound (3) A summary of its physical and chemical characteristics are provided. (4) What the chemical compound was originally used for. (5) How the chemical compound was discovered to effect the environment. (6) How the chemical compound is used or handled today due to its effect on the environment. (7) Any additional useful or interesting information may be included.
The paper should be written in a clear and concise manner using endnote (method: number references at end and each time used in paper use the same number as a superscript).