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Studying the topic of Development & Globalisation it is absolutely necessary to know all the conceptions and variants of these phenomena, so we have to use the books and articles which represents this topic from different points of view, it is even better to use works written by the specialists in this area from different countries. So in my study I distinguished the following Works:
Steger, Manfred.Globalization. New York: Sterling Publishing, 2009. In this book Manfred Steger, professor of Global Studies and research leader in the Global Cities Institute at RMIT University, identifies four main empirical dimensions of globalization: economic, political, cultural, and ecological, with a fifth dimension the ideological.
Clayton, Thomas. 2004. Competing Conceptions of GlobalizationRevisited: Relocating the Tension between World-Systems Analysis and Globalization Analysis. In: Comparative Education Review, vol. 48, no.3. Here we find the information about all the conceptions of globalosation represented in contrast to each other.
Ghosh, Biswajit (2011). Cultural Changes and Challenges in the Era of Globalisation.Journal of Developing Societies, SAGE Publications. Here the topic of exactly cultural changes are covered.
Hopkins, A.G. (ed.). (2004). Globalization in World History. London: Norton. Here the concept of proto-globalization, which was first introduced by historians A. G. Hopkins and Christopher Bayly is studied.
Julie A. Nelson. Rethinking Development and Globalization: Insights from Feminist Economics. The Pennsylvania State University. 2005 Here the author speaks about globalisation in connection with gender and economical piculiarities of the society
Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences (2010) Vol 2, Special Issue No 1.Here we can find the recent reports connected with the topic of Globalisation.
Theodore Levitt, 1985. i??The Globalization of Marketsi?? in Kantrow, A.M. Sunrisei?? sunset: Challenging Cataloguingin Pub. Data, Canada. This wokr is very useful for those who need better understanding of the globalisation markets of the world in the historical progress.
Exactly these works allowed me to deepen into the topic of Development & Globalisation. I find them the most useful from all the other works connected with the topic under the study.
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Literature Review
With the advent of globalization the entire scenario of the global economy has changed. Globalization has not only integrated the national as well as international business sector but also
Increased the trade services owing to the aspect of globalization, technological advancement has enhanced to a considerable extent.
According to the Gunter and Hoeeven (2004), it is observed that, globalization has been changing the entire scenario of the technological sector. Business world has undergone a new evolution due to internationalization. New techniques, mechanism have been implemented by the business houses for more profitability globally. New technical skilled employees and expertise are getting opportunity to flourish in the globalization period. Multinational Corporations due to
Globalisation has given rise to the aspect of diversity (Economics Online Ltd, 2014). With Globalisation people throughout the world are becoming culturally close and mutual respect amid the people of diverse culture is increasing as noted by Robertson (1992).
As noted by the New York Times Company (2012), most of the economists have defined globalization as a major cause for economic pitfall. With the increase of global trade the wages of the labours have reduced to an extent in the United States affecting the economy. Moreover, different kind of trades had slowed down the job growth around the world. The manufacturing process after globalisation is based more on technology, and therefore level of employment has continuously decreased in the production as well as manufacture process. Technology has been replacing the work force as presented by New York Times (2012) and Luo & et. al.,(2005).
Contextually, globalization has come up with new changes in the society as well as in the life of middle-class people (Mooij, 2013). Mobile phones, computers, tabs, and internet all technological innovations have made the life faster and easier. Nowadays no one have time to for face to face interaction and hence, everyone access internet from their phones or tabs, to be in tough. Social networking sites are biggest example of changing lifestyle of the people (Britt, 2007).
The Economist (2014) described another side of globalization in its recent article. In the article i??Why Globalization may not reduce inequality in poor countriesi?? defined that globalization makes the communication process cheaper, reduces the gap of the rich-world counterparts, but poorer countries become more , which expresses its impact on the economies of scale. The reason for such distinction was due to the lack of expertise and technical knowhow (The Economist Newspaper Limited, 2014; Robertson, 1992).
According to Forbes (2011), globalization has three sides, such as good side, bad side and ugly side. Good side creates new business opportunities for open market, produced new consumers as well as customers, investors, suppliers, easy credit and rising leverage in the financial market. The bad side of globalization refers, new risks, different kinds of financial swine in the market, unpredictable demand and supply, new pressure from the same competitors. The ugly side of globalization produced malicious cycle of income and it has declines the employment as well as income rate of the normal people. This side of globalization has been tremendously harming the global economy (Mourdoukoutas, 2011).
Notably, globalization has changed the marketing experience of the daily customers. E-marketing concept has emerged as a new format of business (Dholokia, 2002). Customers of different age group as well as of different income group, shop through online from different shopping sites like Wal-Mart, flip kart, Amazon.com, which have made the shopping experience enjoyable. This evolution witnessed by the society because of globalization is of significance (Britt, 2007; Thoumrungroje, 2004).
Thus, it can be stated that globalisation has both negative and positive impact. However, in this changing environment this approach of globalisation is crucial for the stability of the world wide economy.


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